bright side

because moping is not good for children and other living things...

  • pedicure today
  • wine tasting tonight
  • dinner with friends before the wine tasting
  • hanging out with friends after the wine tasting
  • laundry done
  • house relatively clean
  • Hawaii trip booked (and almost paid for)
  • adorably sexy husband who weathers my storms
  • brilliantly fun children who seem so far unharmed by my mood swings
  • new Fountains of Wayne t-shirt
  • brand-new darling flats for $1.49 at Goodwill
  • taking the train to visit family Sunday
  • 'Shooter' out on DVD (I think there's something I missed during the wound-cleaning scene...)


from the mouths of...some babes, some not

interesting words i've heard, in no particular order

"I'm pretty sure I've been to Brokeback Mountain." Spoken to my best friend by her 8-year old son.

"Would you like me to feel them?" From a cute clerk at Wild Oats when I said I couldn't tell if a package of coffee was ground or whole bean.

"I'm freaking out about living forever after I die!" My son, age 8, in the midst of playing merrily

"You've aged very well." Said to me by a classmate from HS - is this a compliment??

"When you don't wear makeup, you look, like 41 or something - really old." Again, my darling son; seems to me this rather negates the comment from my old classmate.

"I understand you have a husband, but I would very much like to be with you." This may or may not be what it seems - it was said to me in halting English by an Italian man at the Singapore Art Museum last December.