bright side

Because I'm not a complete complainer/killjoy/family-disser, I've compiled a list of stuff I loved about this past weekend (I'm starting with Friday, though, to make it more impressive):
  1. Getting my car unloaded of all the books & pillows & games I've scored at Goodwill for my classroom
  2. Girlfriend movie night at the luxurious [read: They serve delectable food and cocktails right to you IN YOUR SEAT] Living Room Theater.
  3. Girlfriend bar visit at the uber-hip (I wish Blogger could do an umlaut; it makes words so much cooler) Teardrop Lounge
  4. Sunny drive to my parents' house
  5. Super fun time at the Go-Kart track with kids & Dad & cousins - Mason & I had to be rescued by the monitor dude after wiping out
  6. Cheesy Oscar Meyer hot dogs for dinner. Shhhh, don't tell Whole Foods!
  7. Starbucks run with my sister; seeing darling barista boy
  8. Not-too-rainy drive home
  9. Kind family who offered to jump start my dead battery at the ferry (story to follow)
  10. Fabulous new Skechers walking shoes, on clearance with extra discount

I realize it is rather lame to have a picture of my new shoes rather than my family or friends. But aren't they really cute? I know they will help me get some actual exercise this summer, before my heart stages a major protest that will totally disrupt my trip to Europe. And my tattoo plans.


it's not just emmitt smith's birthday

Other than it being our 15th anniversary, here are some more good things about today:
  1. Stu delivered a bunch of white Gerber daisies + Dove bar to me at school this morning (a round of AWWWWWWs, please; thank you)
  2. Leftover pepperoni & pineapple pizza for breakfast
  4. The cooling unit in my classroom is working like a dream
  5. No student complaints today. I'm totally serious. (Maybe I blocked them out?)
  6. The beloved husband of 15 years unloaded & loaded the dishwasher
  7. Payday [also known as Grocery Shopping Day...woohoo]
  8. Did I mention SUNSHINE?
  9. I saw one of these dudes on the way home from school:

And it's almost Friday. Can somebody say "Amen"?


please stay till the end

Ways I was blessed today:


I'm totally serious. This came on the radio as I was leaving school, and I risked complete & utter ridicule from any teenagers near my car by turning it up & rolling down the windows. LOVE these boys! See them all grown up and still adorable, too. Don't hate.

2. Leadership class actually enjoyed [begrudgingly, but I'll take it] the Survivor activity I made up.

3. Literature class worked vigorously on the pre-Gatsby-reading Internet scavenger hunt. Possibly because the principal was observing today, but still.


5. Real Simple & Everyday Food in the mailbox; best friend's copy of People at my door.

Surely more will come as the evening moves on...I'm looking forward to children playing merrily, husband rubbing my shoulders as I grade papers, brilliant lessons for the remaining days [20] of Leadership magically falling into my brain.


tuesday blessings

Because I don't want to miss a thing (with props to Aerosmith - and today's #1 blessing).
  1. Joe Perry is still holy-crap-hot at 57
  2. Homemade chocolate cake from one of our marriage group members
  3. New lights installed in my classroom (and promise secured for putting up a bulletin board)
  4. Son kept his head through entire Conestoga wagon-making project (will post pictures soon)
  5. New tissue box cover from daughter filled & positioned on my desk at school
  6. Vanilla Chai yogurt for lunch
  7. Pepperoni & pineapple pizza for dinner, ordered online
  8. Yummy-smelling almond soap, only $1.79 at Whole Foods

Eight seems reasonable, doesn't it? I see you nodding. I think I'll go to bed early.