some things i wanted to spend my first day's paycheck on

Or, "A Pox on Your House, Officer Fink"

First I will admit, because I am a teacher, parent, and sometime grown-up, I did indeed break a law. Fine. And this is NOT an excuse but a REASON - the speed limit changed from 55 mph to 30 mph in a matter of yards. I was decelerating, obviously, when I bound into town at ("allegedly") 42 mph. But anyway. Grrrr.
  1. magnetic paint to cover the chalkboard in my classroom
  2. dinner at a swanky Portland restaurant
  3. Shanghai tunnel tour
  4. Plain White Ts CD
  5. getaway with girlfriends
  6. drinks at Teardrop Lounge with our beloved bartender Dave
  7. ANYTHING other than a frickin' speeding ticket
Really, I have prayed for Officer Fink (his real name, I kid you not) and his crummy job for which everyone but the mayor of his tiny beach town must hate him. Finding the Zen. That's free, right? Because I'm out of cash for awhile.


katydidnot said...

speeding tickets...boooooo.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Ooh, that sucks. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

True, it sucks. HOWEVER ... you could not make up a better scene (or character name) for you first novel.
If you haven't already started one.
Which, me knowing better than you what you should do, you better be working on.
- your favorite elvisdog

Spagirl said...

I got one back in May while I was on McGillivary. I know how you feel!