about my 39th birthday

I could try to do a list of 39 things, I'm tired. It was a great day!

  • my darling daughter decorated a plain brown box with markers to make it look like a wrapped present, with a drawn-on ribbon and little hearts, then put inside a soy candle (bought with her allowance money) and some items from her jewelry box
  • the kids remembered which chocolate bar I craved from Trader Joe's (dark chocolate with raisins & pecans!)
  • my darling son announced first thing in the morning that I'm officially half-way to being an old geezer
  • found a cool old black metal lunchbox at an antique store for $7 (for the darling son who brought me the dire message)
  • tried on some outrageously expensive clothes at a boutique where I had a gift certificate; bought a couple of mildly expensive pieces...
  • had my favorite baked ham sandwich at Wild Oats (alas, no Dairy/Freezer Guy)
  • got a French manicure and now can't stop looking at my fingernails
  • enjoyed dinner & singing at Red Robin (when our waiter announced, "You're 21 today, right?" and Mason had to correct him, loudly, another server said, "Buddy, trust me, she's 21." I wanted to kiss him)
  • picked out speakers for listening to the iPod in MY CLASSROOM
  • delighted in a wine & chocolate cake party at my best friend's house
  • I didn't cry once; I think I'll be okay at this aging thing

Oops...As noted by Saint Husband, none of these fantastic things would have happened without the Best Man Ever hanging with the kids all day. You complete me.


Anonymous said...

husband watched kids all day so I could go on all of my adventures in peace.

Anonymous said...

ugggg, that song is sickly sweet. I should have kept my mouth shut :0

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds wonderful... in a "Egads" kinda way!

Every birthday I've had, someone's always done the "Half-Way to" routine... like my last one... half-way to eighty!!!

I remember my mom's story about driving home with my father after a dinner to celebrate his 47th birthday... he suddenly got quiet, and when my mom asked what was wrong, he responded, "I just realised that I'm middle aged!"

Without missing a step, my mother (who was older than he,) said...

"How many 94 year olds do you know?"

Anonymous said...

You complete me too!

Jen B:)