thirteen things i love about the world

Thursday Thirteen ~ Now this is a meme I can get behind!

  1. kids laughing till they can't breathe
  2. dark chocolate with raisins & walnuts
  3. gerber daisies
  4. rollercoasters
  5. that sharp smell of a fresh rain
  6. music
  7. harry potter
  8. watching squirrels bury their booty
  9. swings
  10. real smiles
  11. fresh berries
  12. my man who rubs my shins without complaint
  13. it's so big, yet so small

(Thanks, God. You rock).


Jennie said...

What a great list! I love lists about things that are great about life. Happy TT!

Harlekwin said...

These are awesome!

What could be better than eating dark chocolate and berries while reading HP, listening to the rain outside and getting your shins rubbed? Now that's the life.

I thoroughly enjoyed your list! Have a great time in Gold Beach and Please take loads of pictures.

Happy TT!

Malcolm said...

Great list... esp. #s 6 and 10.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful list and I agree with most of the items on it. Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

Love love your list! Made me smile while reading it :)

Happy TT!

tommie said...

Great list. I love Gerber daisies as well.

thanks for visiting my TT

Eva Rell said...

Oh, I am with you on #1. I think I tickle my kids too much because I love their laughter so much.

Suzanne said...

I LOVE gerber daisies! Big, bright, orange ones!