or, ways i'm different from when i was in high school

  • generally smarter & more confident
  • have a boyfriend (who conveniently doubles as a husband when necessary)
  • actually enjoy talking in front of the class
  • better fashion sense (um, leg warmers anyone?)
  • bigger ...tracts of land
  • altered hair color
  • do not cry when i hear particular songs by chicago or journey
  • understand popularity is not the key to happiness
  • willing to go places by myself (e.g. mall, movies, bathroom)
  • smudged mascara around my eyes does not equal eyeliner
  • like coffee & tea
  • not interested in knowing a psychologist, much less being one
  • way better writer (doesn't it show?)
  • am not swoony at the thought of guys in loafers without socks
  • love foreign films
  • can do naughty things without guilt

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katydidnot said...

what's this about mascara? you mean that's not the look i should be going for?