jobs i've had before my current redeeming position as educator of america's youth

To serve as a source of hope & inspiration for those working in a Ring of Hell

(asterisks indicate level of joy involved in the job, * = I'd rather be poking my eyes out to ***** = bordering on orgasmic experience)
  • picking various items - strawberries, bulbs, potatoes, cucumbers, flowers ~ all negative *****
  • waitress - Longfellow Cafe (connected to a bookstore - I served Anne Rule and Patrick McManus!) ~ ***1/2
  • advertising sales, copy, layout - Skagit Valley College newspaper ~ *** (met many cute guys, oh and I got to write stuff)
  • friendly food-serving cowgirl - Kow Korner Drive-In (I'm so not making it up) ~ **1/2
  • pizza maker ("It's on fire!") & general food counter worker - The Cub @ WSU ~ **
  • sandwich builder (quit before fired for giving away massive amounts of deli foods to future boyfriend/husband & friends) - Mother's Cupboard @ WSU ~ **
  • concessions queen - Old Post Office Theater (yes, it really was an old post office; very cool) ~ **** (free movies, popcorn & pop for me and everyone I knew, but also nasty nasty clean-ups)
  • day camp counselor - Morale, Welfare, Recreation Dept of US Navy (I had to take an oath of loyalty before being hired, honest to God) ~ ***1/2
  • sales clerk - White Drug Store ~ **** (owner's son played in NFL & WSU Athletic Dept had an account - I "How can I help you?"ed Drew Bledsoe & Jason Hanson!)
  • assistant teacher - Gladys McCoy Academy (serving teenage boys expelled from school...super delightful) ~ **1/2
  • bookseller/community relations coordinator - Barnes & Noble ~ ***** ('Will Work For Books' was my motto)
  • middle school teacher (Hey! That's what I went to college for!) - Neil Armstrong MS ~ *****

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katydidnot said...

you really are the funniest person i know, this made me laugh and laugh, so much that my kids made me read it out loud. needless to say, they didn't really get it. i love the generosity involved in the movie and deli ones. no wonder he married you.