things to say while rocking back & forth

In the event I end up in a padded cell or, at the very least, on a street corner, here's what I'll be muttering about:
  • those idiotic cash advance ads on the radio
  • students who ask "what are we doing today?" while looking directly at the agenda i've written on the board
  • moving dirty spoons, every morning, from the sink to the dishwasher
  • Paris Hilton - why do people care? Why? Why??
  • underwear tossed within an inch of the hamper, but not actually into the hamper
  • people who say "irregardless" or "Nordstroms"
  • unnecessary slowness in drivers, store clerks, shoppers
  • using silly words for body parts
  • jackets, jackets everywhere but not one on a hanger...

Surely there is much more, but this will occupy me for awhile...please do visit, and bring chocolate.

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