kind of like hell, but with marshmallows

I love my family, and so I camp with them. Here are the things I rather like about the situation, and things that make me want to stab everyone nearby.

  • meandering conversations with best friends (we always go with them; takes the total hell feeling away...)
  • no housekeeping required
  • lots of wine
  • kids happy & nice to each other (probably because of lots of wine and no housekeeping for adults)
  • cute wildlife like chipmunks and deer
  • grazing from our bags of camp food all day long
  • lots of wine (did i say that already?)
  • spying neighbors don't actually know me
  • indulging in craptacular gossip magazines
  • quality time with family (that's not actually last, even though it looks like it...don't judge)

stab everyone:

  • not-so-cute wildlife, like bread-stealing birds and blood-sucking mosquitoes
  • frickin' cold water in bathrooms
  • no Starbucks within walking distance
  • Lord of the Flies mentality developing in children after six hours of closeness and no supervision (see "lots of wine")
  • imagining every forest noise is a Jason-like axe murderer
  • other people's horrific parenting on display

Look at that, more pros than cons. Plus the wine counts for two, so bonus! I guess I'll go again, but only where there are yurts and a nearby coffee shop. And lots of People magazines to share...and maybe a nanny.

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