ways my current husband is perfect

  • he is perfectly willing to have any of my potential second husbands come mow our lawn for my pleasure
  • he rubs my legs if I sit with him while he watches "American Chopper"
  • he pretends to care about football
  • he encourages me to shop as long as I bring home something from Victoria's Secret
  • he accompanies me to Broadway shows with minimal eye-rolling and sighing
  • he only complains a little about my furniture-moving fetish
  • he's a fearless bugkiller
  • he asks for just one action or comedy flick among my selection of 50 foreign & dramatic video rentals
  • he knows when to bring me a creme-filled donut
  • he's sexy in his greasy garage clothes...and in his sweaty just-back-from-the-gym clothes...and in his grown-up button-down work clothes
  • he uses his wacky powers for good, not evil (usually)
  • he occasionally indulges my travel fantasies
  • he keeps his family comfortable & cared for
  • he likes to be fancy
  • he rarely begs
  • he tells me I'm perfect

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katydidnot said...

and also, so awesome.