addendum to second husband list

...because it wasn't long & inclusive enough and i've been downloading songs & videos from my beloved boy band, pining away

Any Fountains of Wayne members who might be available at the time of my beloved first husband's tragic death/exile:

~ Chris, pros: great lips, nerd-sexy voice, smart & funny songwriting ~ cons: occasional bad eyewear choice, seems to tire easily, married
~ Adam, pros: adorable-puppy look, smart & funny songwriting ~ cons: seems a little too self-deprecating, perhaps smarter than me
~ Jody, pros: hot hot hot, a younger & cleaner Joe Perry ~ cons: seeks model-types, the 'bored now' attitude would inflame my insecurity
~ Brian, pros: cool & quiet type, cute sleepy look, drummer ~ cons: often neglects to shave, possibly a bit too Bohemian

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