fix-it gal

A list of the random assortment of stuff in disrepair that needs my attention. But will probably not get it any time soon.
  • tiny wipe-off noteboard (magnet fell off; it's never actually been used because about all I could write on it would be "TO DO")
  • bear magnet without its heart (You've had it all along, you just didn't realize it, dear)
  • picture frames that keep coming apart (The definition of insanity...)
  • two paddle balls, balls disconnected - Is there really a way to fix these or am I setting up my children for severe disappointment?
  • fairy with broken wing (Sounds like a sappy 80s song)
  • $10 jelly watch (band detached; I really shouldn't be wearing a jelly watch as a grown-up anyway)
  • Harry Potter glasses missing a nose cushion

My radio alarm clock should be in there since it doesn't actually turn off properly anymore; I have to hit "SLEEP" five times to get it to shut off. And occasionally I pick up strange music or talk shows, which makes the NPR news decidedly less serious.

At what point does "Stuff to be Fixed" simply become "Sanford & Son Junk"? Is there a space limit? So long as I keep it confined to a small basket on the counter and not an entire room, I think I'm okay. I'm hoping it's really a magical basket and once the items have spent a significant amount of time in there, they will heal themselves.


elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Are you channeling the spirit of my house today, or what?? Can. not. get.closure. on. any. thing!!! Throw the paddle balls away. That just sounds like trouble. I kept my fairy with a broken wing. They can pretend to send her to the fairy hospital, but I ain't fixin' her. I'm sure I threw her wing away.

katydidnot said...

My mom has a garden cherub whose head has come off. The head sits in the cherub's lap. She thinks it's whimsical. Unsettling, I say. As long as you never do this, I think it's okay.