are you ready for some football?

Or, are we ready for me to mentally check out from meaningful family duties, sundays 11-8, for 16 weeks?

  • shower (even though it disrupts the lucky "no-shower-on-game-day" pattern for my Cowboys, but it's a new coach so we'll see)
  • figure out tasteful yet team-supportive outfit
  • church (because God is kinder to my 'boys when I worship Him first...Ha.)
  • lunch with friend (she needs my support more than the Seahawks this afternoon)
  • football
  • some laundry
  • football
  • more laundry
  • call Dad before Cowboys game (so I can read Harry Potter to kids during halftime - see, I'm not all bad!)
  • dinner (focus on family for 15 minutes...focus on family for 15 minutes...)
  • football
  • post-game wrap-ups and highlights
  • back rub for kind & loving primary caretaker

Oh, I'm so excited!

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katydidnot said...

Right...Cowboys. I remember now. This was blogarific! Blogtastic! A blogorama! Four new posts is better than comic books for my getting well.