happy new year

Why September is the real time for resolutions & new outlooks

  • it comes right after my birthday, which is already rife with introspection
  • people expect you to have a whole new look & personality when school starts
  • the NFL season officially begins (woohoo! Hope springs eternal for my Cowboys...)
  • it's impossible to resist buying school supplies (part of why I became a teacher and had kids, really)
  • a sharp new pencil & fresh cute notebook spell 'potential'
  • no one thinks it's weird to label everything right now
  • Congress is back in session (i am not a geek)
  • fall is the reason for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & that is the perfect incentive to fit into new clothes
  • autumn colors look best on me
  • nothing is as life-changing as a classroom full of fresh new faces relying on your wisdom (ha)
  • everyone starts out with an A and perfect attendance
  • it's too cold to really party in January

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katydidnot said...

nothing makes a teacher quite as happy as a freshly sharpened boquet of new pencils. i would like to send some your way.

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