sick day

Even though I've been up since before dawn with one kid lamenting his insomnia ("Rocky {our cat} is bugging me and Mario {his hamster} keeps turning, turning, turning and I can't get back to sleep! AND IT'S 4:32!") and the other coughing until she threw up (numerous times), I'm feeling rather sunny. Luckily, my school is late start and I don't teach until 11 am so I will hang out with my barfy daughter this morning, doing the slow & easy fun stuff you get to do on sick days.

  1. wear pajamas and slippers (at least until 9:15 for me)
  2. color
  3. watch kids' PBS
  4. eat graham crackers
  5. drink blueberry tea from tiny cups
  6. color
  7. nap on the couch
  8. play card games (or if I'm unlucky, succumb to the pleading for "Pretty Pretty Princess")
  9. color
  10. follow raindrop paths on the window
  11. build a chair & pillow fort
  12. read magazines (Real Simple for mom, Ranger Rick for the 7-year old - unless there is an article on the Kratt brothers, then we share)
  13. lots of snuggling

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i am the diva said...

cute list!!

Happy TT

c'mon over and visit

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Oh, we're having a pajama day too; but thankfully we're not sick -- just with a 2 year old who wisely knows that pajama pants are much softer and comfier than regular pants and therefore only wants to wear pj's. I found another good list meme for ya. Hopefully I'll get it posted tonight.

Addicted to crafting said...

great list. :) cute ideas!!!

visit me :)

Samantha_K said...

Cats cause sleep issues at our house too. Can't get through a single night without hearing (from my 2 year old), "mo-om! Herman's boddering meee!"
"Boddering" can mean anything from sleeping too close to his head and purring loudly in his ear, or chasing his feet under the sheets.
I like your list...could use a sick day myself...but without the sickies!
Happy TT!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Are you lusting after Kratts? So acceptable.