eight maids a'milking

Okay, not really but I particularly like that part of the song. This is, however, a meme about 8 things. Read on for maximum enjoyment. (Oh, and thanks to my bff Lisa for the tag - visit her!)

8 things I'm passionate about:

  1. Family
  2. God & all his mysterious godly parts
  3. Teaching
  4. Writing
  5. Chocolate
  6. Books
  7. Movies
  8. More chocolate
  9. And the Cowboys (but chocolate really needed two spots)

8 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Live - too vague? Fine.
  2. Visit with grandchildren
  3. Witness my sister's contentment
  4. Attend the Academy Awards (no idea how I can do this rationally)
  5. Ride dozens of awesomely terrifying rollercoasters with Stu
  6. See various parts of all the continents (my plans, they are outrageously specific, no?)
  7. Know the successes of former students
  8. Spend a wintery week in NYC

8 things I say often:

  1. Seriously.
  2. Puh-lease.
  3. Put a spring in your step. (These phrases seem to paint a picture of impatience...).
  4. That's a bummer. (The standard Love & Logic response to all excuses, complaints, and pleas).
  5. Hey, he/she/you is/are left-handed! (I don't know why I get so giddy; it's like we must band together for solidarity in an oppressive right-handed world).
  6. Let me smell. (There may be something very wrong with me).
  7. Can we please watch something stupid? (When I've had a long day and just want to go brain dead in front of the TV and my man is involved in cerebral Discovery channel stuff).
  8. Love you to pieces.
8 books I've read recently (can "recently" reach back to January, when I was actually reading regularly? I say yes.):

  1. Blindness by Jose Saramago
  2. Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
  4. Maximum Ride #3: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson
  5. Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana by Isadora Tattlin
  6. The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
  7. The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (in progress)
  8. Redwall by Brian Jacques (in progress)
8 songs I could listen to over & over again:

  1. Hey There Delilah Plain White Ts
  2. Heart & Soul The Cleftones
  3. Everyday I Write the Book Elvis Costello
  4. Strangers When We Meet The Smithereens
  5. State of the Heart Rick Springfield (Remember when I said there might be something wrong with me? Exhibit B. I am totally sweaty over this video.)
  6. This Better Be Good Fountains of Wayne
  7. American Girl Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  8. Apron Strings Everything But the Girl
8 things that attract me to my best friends:

  1. sense of humor (well-developed & healthy)
  2. intelligence
  3. honesty
  4. kind-hearted
  5. joyful
  6. do not pressure me to exercise
  7. freely give chocolate
  8. indulge my OCD tendencies without [much] mockery

You guys rock

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Dang it! Best title...I couldn't come up with anything.

I see chocolate rates VERY HIGH in your life, but I knew that, didn't I?

katydidnot said...

awesome lists! i feel badly for having pressured you to exercise. will never again.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love "Hey There Delilah." And chocolate. You could be a seat filler at the Academy Awards--it's a total possibility.

Janet said...

I love to smell things, too; in fact, it's one of the things my second ex-husband (SFSSDMF) hated most about me.

LOVE American Girl.

The Cuba book sounds interesting!