resolutions, resolutions, reso LU HU tionnnnns (think "hallelujah chorus")

[Drumroll, please]
  1. Wake & go to bed at regular, reasonable times (i.e. more than an hour before school starts and well ahead of midnight, respectively)
  2. Post something pithy and/or meaningful daily
  3. Read a new blog each day
  4. Eat a decent breakfast every morning (falling under the "Lead by example" heading)
  5. Delight in my candles more often (hopefully while in a dreamy clawfoot tub...)
  6. Get a clawfoot tub
  7. Establish joyful a.m./p.m. tea rituals
  8. Figure out some form of exercise that I can do before my heart initiates a mutiny
  9. Schedule & maintain regular rendezvous with my man, this hottie here at the Ace Hotel:

10. Print my photos and make cards for every occasion, for everyone I know, in a timely manner

11. Breathe deeply & be mindful of the moments. Except the ones that make me say F*ck, I'll let them fade. After I blog about them.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I hear a lot of self-care in that list. (I'm using my therapist voice.)

You are setting out to be a much better blogger than me. I don't think I can pull off the 365 thing...

It's a great list, not-Charlie Brown.

katydidnot said...

you say that? i can't imagine you saying f*ck. only frick. huh. go figure. good luck on all.

Moxy Jane said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh...the printing pictures and making cards...I want to do that, too!!

Good for you on making a list. I'm a chronic lister, but for some reason, I have yet to crank one out for this newly arrived year...and there's only 361 days left!!!