tuesday blessings

Because I don't want to miss a thing (with props to Aerosmith - and today's #1 blessing).
  1. Joe Perry is still holy-crap-hot at 57
  2. Homemade chocolate cake from one of our marriage group members
  3. New lights installed in my classroom (and promise secured for putting up a bulletin board)
  4. Son kept his head through entire Conestoga wagon-making project (will post pictures soon)
  5. New tissue box cover from daughter filled & positioned on my desk at school
  6. Vanilla Chai yogurt for lunch
  7. Pepperoni & pineapple pizza for dinner, ordered online
  8. Yummy-smelling almond soap, only $1.79 at Whole Foods

Eight seems reasonable, doesn't it? I see you nodding. I think I'll go to bed early.


Cheryl said...

Hey! I just put up a list today, because I committed to making a list of 100 things that make me happy. Which may have been really stupid.

But, Aerosmith is on my list! What kind of coincidence is that?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I see you reaching there, just a little, which makes the list even better.

We are half way through the week, this morning.

Hang in there.