please stay till the end

Ways I was blessed today:


I'm totally serious. This came on the radio as I was leaving school, and I risked complete & utter ridicule from any teenagers near my car by turning it up & rolling down the windows. LOVE these boys! See them all grown up and still adorable, too. Don't hate.

2. Leadership class actually enjoyed [begrudgingly, but I'll take it] the Survivor activity I made up.

3. Literature class worked vigorously on the pre-Gatsby-reading Internet scavenger hunt. Possibly because the principal was observing today, but still.


5. Real Simple & Everyday Food in the mailbox; best friend's copy of People at my door.

Surely more will come as the evening moves on...I'm looking forward to children playing merrily, husband rubbing my shoulders as I grade papers, brilliant lessons for the remaining days [20] of Leadership magically falling into my brain.


brandy101 said...

OH MY GOD!!! MMmmBop is on my MP3 player for working out!!!!

Yeah, I loves me some Hanson.

Who woulda thunk I used to run one of the biggest "alternative"/indie radio stations in the US?!?

You have good taste and excellent perspective, Stephanie.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I too am fan of the Hanson!

JCK said...

O.K., let me get this straight. You have MORE than one blog.

Exiting...very intimidated.

I know about Hanson. But, could I identify the music?? No. Can you tell I have preschoolers?