13 words

Words I like the sound of, and some that just feel particularly satisfying coming out of my mouth.
  1. jazz
  2. kiss
  3. yes
  4. jackass
  5. precarious
  6. luscious
  7. well
  8. egregious
  9. whom
  10. freakish
  11. hilarity
  12. fluid
  13. sultry

Which words make your mouth smile?

Thursday Thirteen


LarryG said...


Karen said...

I love the word pilfer. My high school yearbook adviser always used the word pilfer and it always got a giggle from us. It sounds so much nicer than stealing, doesn't it?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm partial to prevaricate. It's just lying dressed up, but it makes me happy.

Janet said...

I fell in love with okonamiyaki in Japan, both the dish and the word!

egregious...reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow when he's talking to the "ladies" towards the end of POTC 3 lol

Fooferoo said...

"Swipe" and "I reckon" both remind me of my Grandma and I should use both more often.

Other favorites: monotononous, even spelling it is monotonous and one I made up a few years ago: towelerate. Definition- putting up with people who leave their wet bath towels on the bathroom floor.

shrink on the couch said...

Well now that I read other people's favorite words I can't think of my own.

I do love the name of the photographer, Richard Avedon. I just love saying that.

Words. Hmmm. Passion and joy. Killjoy. Mundanity. Profanity. I do not like saying cunnilingus. If I must be honest. That is the most clinical, nasty-virus-sounding word for one of the best experiences life has to offer. Am I wrong? Who came up with that? Someone who hates giving it, is my guess.

Danielle said...

I think one of my favorite words is:

I also really love clusterf*ck, I try not to use that one since I have small kids but it is so descriptive.

LarryG said...

1. bangle
2. frivolous
3. delusional
4. extracurricular
5. saxophone
6. instantaneous
7. Skopje (city in Macedonia)
8. Pella (ditto)
9. Argos (city in Greece)
10. Skyros (city in the Greek Islands)
11. contritely
12. tyrant
13. rajah

These are my son's 13 cool words (they make him smile. He is a 6th grader.)

katydidnot said...

gobsmacked. president nader. mrs kate colbert. tremendously. tiramisu. flummoxed. bedtime. cogent. pedicure. reisling.

i'm doing this wrong, huh?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

President Obama is at the top of my list today, but I guess that's two words.

Great list you got there!

Anonymous said...

I love when my younger daughter calls me "obnoxious," and when my older daughter says that someone is "pretentious." I am fond of gregarious. But the word I say the most and which is truly a word-friend is "ummm."