things my best friend hopes i'll do

because she loves me and wants only the best for me

  • stop referring to her as a 'California girl' whenever she whines about rain
  • not find the best deals at GAP & Old Navy before she does
  • eat more salad
  • tell her my kids also destroy and/or lose new toys within an hour of receiving them
  • loan her some seasonal purses and watches (and teach her to care about switching them...)
  • go skiing, without making stinky faces
  • never take her to another sad-ending movie
  • refuse to share the gigantic tub o' popcorn with buttery flavoring at the movies
  • engage in gossip about the pta
  • use capital letters when i type e-mails
  • wear lipstick
  • believe that she really does not like chocolate
  • vote Republican

Best of luck, best friend

1 comment:

katydidnot said...

i think i really dig your rlbff (real life...)