ah, joy

It's the little things (alright, and occasionally the big ones)...Savor them all
  • a dozen mini peanut butter cups & ice cold pepsi
  • jeans just out of the dryer (except for the scalding metal button searing my skin...)
  • fat fluffy pillows, lots of them, all around me
  • new magazine in the mailbox
  • kid-just-out-of-the-bathtub smell
  • that "I'm still alive & actually having fun!" thrill when the elevator drops on tower of terror
  • show tunes, really loud, when I'm alone in the house
  • those prosciutto-wrapped almonds & dates at South Park
  • fresh & bright Gerber daisies (ask about the amazing Shanghai Westin breakfast room service)
  • rollerskating
  • the first snowflakes (and my kids' faces at the sight)
  • me & Fountains of Wayne, driving around singing at high volume
  • leisurely grocery shopping
  • reading in bed
  • pajamas
  • my leather-bound John Keats volume from a used book store (and the unexpected British Library exhibit about him when I was in London!)
  • coloring on a rainy day
  • rainbows

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