Part one, because I always find new things that irritate (but that doesn't make me hard to please...just discriminating, in a good way. Seriously.)

  • too much heat ~ I'm not outrageously fashionable anyway, but trying to look good while melting is impossible for me.
  • wet clothes ~ I refuse to ride anything (amusement park attractions) that will soak me - who made this up as FUN? - and I'm not interested in skiing for this reason too (or swimming, for that matter).
  • stinky stuff ~ I don't know anyone who actually loves things that smell bad (okay, my beagle & basset hound did), but I really have extremely low tolerance.
  • blissfully calculated ignorance ~ "I see stupid people"
  • condescension ~ Not when water makes a fog on the window...See, I was condescending there - assuming you know less than I do; that's dumb & I hate it. Start smart and see where people land; go on from there.
  • waste ~ Whether it's money, time, energy, food, resources, brain power - use it wisely! (Does this count??)

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katydidnot said...

blissfully calculated ignorance, awesome word combo, with the "I see stupid people" i think it's has bumper sticker potential, but only smart people would get it.