shocking revelations

Or, surprising facts about a nearly 40 (someday!) whitebread, small town mom/teacher lady
  • I find Eminem alarmingly sexy
  • I thrill for horror movies (since i saw "the exorcist" at 10)
  • I was addicted to "the bachelor" for a few rounds...(but have since recovered my sanity)
  • Was also addicted to "buffy, the vampire slayer" (don't judge)
  • Totally dig rollercoasters - the scarier the better
  • I wore ripped jeans with my boxers showing at the butt when I was a college freshman
  • Also danced on a picnic table that year (completely clothed! ...I'm pretty sure...)
  • Had a Barry Manilow poster in my room (though it was replaced by Richard Gere as 'American Gigolo' - I am redeemed)
  • *LOVED* Bay City Rollers...Oh, Saturday night
  • I once mixed Mad Dog with Dr. Pepper - and drank it (and I wasn't even dared...See "freshman year")
  • Favorite shirt in 5th grade had a picture of Sean Cassidy on it (begged for but never got the matching pants)
  • Nickname until end of high school (and gaining of new friends) was "Frog"
  • With a friend, was involved in a semester-long crank-calling deception of two boys in high school...Very embarrassing yet amusing; ask for details
  • Kept a guy's Pictionary game after I broke up with him (the scandal, I know...don't tell my kids)
  • Nearly wore out my cassette of Beastie Boys' "Licensed to Ill" ~ I'm crafty like that
  • Actually did wear out my dad's 8-track of the "American Graffiti" soundtrack
  • I've written more than one e-mail to Fountains of Wayne
  • Used to make up routines to songs in my room - favorite was the one for "Leader of the Pack;" it was a real tearjerker
  • Worked at a drive-up fast food restaurant called Kow Korner (only time i've worn a cowboy hat and/or a bolo tie)
  • Got front row tickets to Prince, Purple Rain tour, when i was 16 (the not-shocking part: I wore a purple sweatshirt with a polo underneath, jeans, and loafers...)
  • I voted for Ross Perot

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katydidnot said...

perot? oh dear, not really....really? ok, no more comments on the list blog, i'm stalking you now.