Inspired by a brilliant suggestion (thanks, Kate!), here are some gentlemen who don't quite make the 2nd husband list (like I have that much time anyway), but they would make for a fine fling - or, more realistically for me, mowing my lawn shirtless before showering and wandering around the house in a towel.

  • Jude Law ~ We all know he really is Alfie but he's bloody sexy, why the hell not?
  • Orlando Bloom ~ He's awfully young, we couldn't possibly have much to talk about for long
  • Eminem ~ Another hottie (he'd be required to wear the wire-rimmed glasses); I'd just keep my hand over his mouth
  • Ludacris ~ This one i would allow to talk...Delisshhus
  • Sacha Baron Cohen ~ mmMmm, as long as he keeps Borat far, far away
  • Heath Ledger and/or Jake Gyllenhaal ~ I'm sweaty already; I wish I could quit...well, you know.

I love my husband...I love my husband...

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Shawn said...

Yup, I was right. Great blog! And, believe me, I don't pass that compliment along much. Very refreshing!

I would add to your lists:
Johnny Depp.