things that are sad

Only a random sampling, in no particular order (other than stream of consciousness, of course)

  • family photos left in frames donated to goodwill
  • the disturbing bunching that occurs with misfitting sweatpants
  • a bumper sticker that says "I Brake for Birds" (My proposed counter-sticker: "If I Rear End You Because You're Braking for Birds, I Will Lose My Mind in Your Face")
  • small children being dragged through the grocery store at 9 pm
  • parents yelling at small children as they drag them through the grocery store at 9 pm
  • yelling parents of small children in the grocery store filling their carts with crap that will eventually turn them into parents who yell at their small children in the store, late at night
  • a surprised student who said to me when I informed him of the D he was getting in Speech, "but shouldn't I at least have a C because I'm in class everyday?"
  • that student's mother is a teacher
  • all of the 'reality' shows (I think they're satellite feeds from a different hostile universe, actually) featuring people trying to date or perform jobs
  • me not being able to stop watching those shows if they appear on my TV screen

Tune in later for 'things that are funny.' It's like Prozac on the page!

1 comment:

LarryG said...

hmmm... how come i don't see the Detroit Lions on this list???
are you repressing?