more second husband material

A sequel to the first list of Potential Second Husbands.

Not sure when I'll find the time for all them, but it's good to have options.
  • Mark Wahlberg ~ pros: regular guy feel in a hot, muscular package, slips naturally into irresistible bad boy mode, loves his family passionately ~ cons: lingering anger management issues, devoutly catholic (only a con for me since I eschew incense and all that sitting & standing)
  • Dax Shepard ~ pros: unassuming sexiness, adorably goofy, writes well (hysterical myspace blog), seems to like kids ~ cons: borders on filthy humor, frat boy tendencies
  • Edward Norton ~ pros: hypnotizing gaze, slow sexy smile, refreshingly anti-hollywood, brainy & articulate ~ cons: tediously serious & political on occasion, quite possibly far smarter than me
  • Alan Rickman ~ pros: that voice!, endlessly charming, likes roller coasters ~ cons: entire generation older than me, utter devotion to longtime girlfriend, he's Snape
Sometimes it's really fun being delusional.


Harlekwin said...

Generation older or not, Alan Rickman is awesome. If the age thing bothers you *g* close your eyes and tell him to talk dirty to you!

Now, how's this for the first comment I've ever left at your site?

Janet said...

mmmm, Snape, mmmm :-)