how i'll spend the $10 million i may have already won

With the imminent Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes dough, I will:
  • buy a big fluffy organic mattress for everyone (in my household, that is)
  • book a trip to London
  • and Disneyland, this time staying in a suite at the Grand Californian
  • remodel the kitchen
  • and our bathroom
  • and our closet
  • give whatever it takes to get our church built
  • pay for a bunch of Make-A-Wish wishes
  • send my parents on a trip (this is meant as a nice gesture)
  • make a down payment on a house for my sister (as long as it's near us - we will not forsake the free babysitting)
  • eat at a fabulous restaurant once a month (yes, you're invited, spying neighbors)
  • start a birthday celebration service for families at shelters
  • fly wherever Gael Garcia Bernal is filming and shamelessly stalk him

I've thought of many other things to spend this imaginary cash on but have deemed them unworthy. A list of reasons why will follow another time, when I've come to my senses.

1 comment:

katydidnot said...

oh lord, you are a saint, i completely love the birthday idea, surely we can make that happen somehow.