stuff i love

after God, family, & friends of course (and now Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Lost - curse you, Beattys!)

  • books ~ Seriously, I am the nerd who takes two books and half a dozen magazines on most trips, and I seek out libraries and bookstores wherever I go
  • movies ~ I will watch the ones that are decidedly not Oscar-worthy, but especially appreciate finding gems in the obscure (and frankly anything with Gael Garcia Bernal's name remotely attached to it will get at least one viewing from me. But I'm not obsessed; don't judge)
  • music ~ I like to think I'm not snobby but the last thing I would ever want to listen to is something associated with American Idol (partly because I often resist hype on principle)
  • shopping at Trader Joe's, Wild Oats, & Whole Foods ~ basically eating things that have ingredients I recognize as actual edible substances
  • container gardening ~ I enjoy the look of nature and flowers and such without too much hassle in dirt and possibility of worms touching me
  • rollercoasters ~ We have a book and are determined to ride everything in it before we die (or get so old we're not allowed on anymore)
  • doing laundry ~ I sincerely adore the feeling of organization & completion with this chore; some of my fondest childhood memories are of helping my mom at the laundromat (I was actually kind of bummed when we got a washer & dryer...*cough*geek*)
  • pizza ~ Even after eating it nearly every night in college, I still thrill at the aroma (and maybe a little bit at the ease of it as a meal - grain, meat, dairy, vegetable, ta da!)
  • chocolate ~ If I'm forced to be picky, I do prefer dark chocolate and some sort of creamy hazelnut or almond filling; but I'm not really picky
  • Krispy Kreme ~ Bless you, Kremeworks, for venturing to our humble town (and thank you, God, for not punishing my thighs yet)
  • raspberry lemon drops & chocolate martinis ~ on a quest to find the best...but not in a dysfunctional, Hemingway-esque manner (and he would be scandalized that I choose vodka over gin, anyway)

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