awards i should win

  1. fastest eye roll in the west
  2. most elaborate fantasies about imaginary boyfriends (don't ask)
  3. best seasonal decorator
  4. least likely to show cleavage in public without grimacing
  5. strongest convictions about restaurants, grocery stores, and corporations that don't care what I think
  6. worst planner of daily dinners
  7. biggest weeper who doesn't actually cry in front of anyone
  8. giddiest non-teen fan of Gael Garcia Bernal
  9. funniest (& most humble) person you know
  10. luckiest wife ever

(Awards I've actually won ~ Best Dressed Teacher (given after whining to students about how much I would love it) & Most Concerned, which is teenager-code for being way too involved in their personal lives)

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katydidnot said...

you should make some of these memes, and tag your other blog friends, they're funny and that way if we copy you it's not really thievery or plagiarism.