instructions for my memorial, part 1

Not to be morbid or anything...I just like to be prepared (okay and always in control, whatever)

Let it be known - I want it to be party-like. Use my party planning books if necessary, but it had better be festive, by God. Wherever people can fit, pretty ribbons hanging around (no balloons), lots of good food & music.

  • good songs, in no particular order (like i could tell anyone they're doing it wrong), to be played during a fun photo montage (yes, fun dammit) and during general mingling:
    "One Moment More" ~ Mindy Smith (1st song for pictures - cue sobfest, but it's so lovely)
    "Beloved Wife" ~ Natalie Merchant (I'm not being vain! Stu likes it)
    "The Dance" ~ Garth Brooks
    "Promise Her Anything" ~ Tom Jones (because there should be some levity, and I love Burt Bacharach)
    "American Girl" ~ Tom Petty
    "Don't Like Goodbyes" ~ Harry Connick, Jr.
    "Sky Blue & Black" ~ Jackson Browne (overlooked, i think; listen to it)
    "Let There Be Love" ~ Chris Botti & Michael Buble (these lyrics are fabulous - 'let there be cuckoos' is priceless)
    "Wonderful Tonight" ~ Eric Clapton
    "Endless Love" ~ Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (for maximum smarm effect - better even if someone wants to lip-sync it)
    "Teacher, Teacher" ~ .38 Special (Why not? It rocks!)
    "I Really Got the Feeling" ~ Dolly Parton (Because "I Will Always Love You" will just send everyone over the edge)
    "I'll Stand By You" ~ The Pretenders (listen & weep when you're in that mood)
    "Crazy Love" ~ Ray Charles & Van Morrison
    "Apron Strings" ~ Everything But the Girl
    "In My Life" ~ The Beatles
    "Here Comes the Sun" ~ The Beatles (For the kids; I sing it when I open their blinds in the mornings)
  • Throw "Crazy Train" in there somewhere, too, what the hell

Note to everyone: Feel free to use any/all of my ideas for your own funeral! The more merry people at a memorial, the better, I say.


katydidnot said...

love the new/not new list blog, i'm reading some i missed, i know, get a life...whatevah...


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