things that please me lately

Because I can't seem to make Thursday Thirteen about anything other than me, here are my [occasionally shallow] blessings during the past week:
  1. Lunch out & pedicure with my sweetpea daughter
  2. Watching my Cub Scout boy proudly race his Pinewood Derby car
  3. Best friend making delicious dinner for everyone Monday night
  4. Warmth in my classroom (at least in the vicinity of the space heaters; midroom can still be rather chilly)
  5. 32 short story students (23 male, aged 15-17) under reasonable control and actually participating in class for two days in a row
  6. Finally cleaning up my secret hideaway/kids' playroom/Christmas gift-wrapping central
  7. Continued awe about No Country for Old Men
  8. Downloaded the soundtrack to Juno, an absolute delight
  9. LOST resumes tonight! (Even though the title now refers to me and my grasp of the storyline...)
  10. Good husband doing all of the dishes
  11. Three new books to read
  12. Being the Mystery Reader in my daughter's 2nd grade class
  13. This. Sheer, hysterical brilliance:


Jan Parrish said...

LOL. Happy TT.

Zenmomma said...

Oh yeah for Juno and Lost! Big thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

We have been listening to the Juno soundtrack for two weeks straight. Favorite line?

"My War Paint is Sharpie ink."

Brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Very nice week.

pussreboots said...

Yay for new books. Happy TT.

Mrs. G. said...

Things are sounding pretty good over there.