Another fun something from e-mail (my range of resources is vast, no?). I do love the game Scattergories but most people I know hate to play with me; something about my immensely trivial brain. Haters. So I play alone. (We can call this a meme if someone else wants to run with it...Just post your participation in comments).

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things and nothing made up! Don't use your own name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Stephanie
4-Letter Word: SMRT (It's a Simpsons joke...)
Vehicle: Subway
City: Shanghai
Boy Name: Seth
Girl Name: Sandra
Alcoholic Drink: Singapore Sling (two points!)
Occupation: Superstar
Something you wear: slippers
Celebrity: Salma Hayek
Food: strawberries
Something found in a bathroom: soap
Reason for Being Late: slept in
Cartoon Character: Speed Racer
Something You Shout: Silencio!
Animal: salamander
Body part: shin
Word to describe you: special


katydidnot said...

What is your name? kate
4-Letter Word: kate
Vehicle: kia
City: katmandoo
Boy Name: karl
Girl Name: kandi
Alcoholic Drink: big k beer?
Occupation: kartwheeler
Something you wear: knickers
Celebrity: kate beckinsale
Food: special k
Something found in a bathroom: ketchup
Reason for Being Late: kramer episode on seinfeld, could not miss
Cartoon Character: kartman
Something You Shout: kids!
Animal: kangaroo (of course)
Body part: knee
Word to describe you: kitchy

non compos mentis said...

What is your name? Chikku
4-Letter Word: Crab
Vehicle: Car
City: Chico
Boy Name: Charles
Girl Name: Cailey
Alcoholic Drink: Chardonnay
Occupation: Cook
Something you wear:C Wear hats
Celebrity: Catherine Zeta Jones
Food: Cake
Something found in a bathroom:Carpet
Reason for Being Late:Car covered with cold snow
Cartoon Character: Cartman
Something You Shout: Come on!!!
Animal: Cow :)
Body part: Chin
Word to describe you: Charming

hey... thanx..i had fun playing this.