thirteen things i'm looking forward to this year

With pictures! Woohoo!

1. Vegas, baby. Technically we're going for a friend's wedding, but I'm cramming as much sinful citying as possible in a weekend.

2. Loads of good books (beyond the scores I already have lying around the house & classroom). I am Legend-reader.

3. A clawfoot tub for reading all those books in bubbly luxury. Look! It comes with a magazine rack! And it's clean...

4. And the award goes to...My Oscar party! I love the movies, the dresses, the hype, the Jon Stewart and I celebrate it all with my indulgent friends. I even have a red carpet & SWAG. You should come.

5. Wii will rock you. After thumbing my nose in its general video gamer direction, I played at my parents' house and became infatuated. The fact that they're creating a fitness module that sounds like it could make exercise tolerable for me puts it on my must-have list. (Don't tell my kids).

6. My Mexican boyfriend must be coming out with a new movie soon...Ay, I miss him mucho.

7. BlogHer conference in San Francisco! I've registered and booked a room and almost booked my flight! I can almost talk about going without using exclamation points! So exciting. (Does my desperation for a girls' weekend getaway after school is out show?)

8. Speaking of BlogHer - THIS is where we're staying! (More exclamations, sorry). When I say "we," I mean whomever I beg & badger enough to attend with me. So far my cyber bff Kate and real life bff Lisa are *thisclose* to saying yes; Mrs. G. has expressed interest but I think I've scared her a tad with my enthusiasm...But this hotel has HEAVENLY BEDS it says! Even Heavenly DOG beds; I kind of want to adopt a pet for that weekend. (But does it have a Heavenly poop scooper?)

9. And speaking of scaring with enthusiasm. I keep stalking checking the Fountains of Wayne website to see if they've added any Portland or Seattle shows for 2008. I have to look online because they still haven't answered any of my e-mails. Weird.

10. Treehouse family vacation - I'm totally serious. These babies are in southern Oregon, and my kids will love me forever for agreeing to go sleep forty feet in the air. But someone else is driving.

11. James McAvoy, doing anything I can watch. *sigh*

12. And whatever he does, too. Hi, Paul. You look tired, weyou should lie down...

13. A kindler, gentler me in the end.


Coco said...

With that much enthusiasm, I'm sure you'll have a great time! :D

Mrs. G. said...

What a fantastic list. Oh the passion, oh the joy. Oh the men!

I covet that tub and those treehouses are cool.

Patti said...

That treehouse vacation looks totally cool!!

My kids got the Wii for Christmas and I'm addicted!! Especially to Guitar Hero!!

Rock on!

Karla Porter Archer said...

fun list. Your profile list sounds very similar to mine.


Anonymous said...

Vegas and books! Yum! Enjoy your sinning and reading!

Diana said...

Fun list! Happy New Year and TT!

Anonymous said...

We may need to modify that clawfoot tub idea to a regular soaking tub.

Vegas will be fun......

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

And the husband oh-so-gently plants the reality seed...

An Oscar party w/ SWAG. I'm impressed!

Moxy Jane said...

Your Mexican boyfriend says hi. And we're kind of making our own movie right now, so I should go.

(reality-seed? What the heck is reality?)

Janet said...

Ooooh, have fun in Vegas! I went for the first time last June, for my birthday and ONLY cause I wanted to see Cirque du Soleil's Love, which was utterly fantastic!

Dude, that treehouse thing looks SO cool! I want to go there my next vaca!

katydidnot said...

FOW have cancelled all portland dates in the foreseeable future. they're too nervous that they will fall in love with you and leave their wives. i swear.

blogher...i'm in, just waiting on the money to prove it.