bright side

Because I'm not a complete complainer/killjoy/family-disser, I've compiled a list of stuff I loved about this past weekend (I'm starting with Friday, though, to make it more impressive):
  1. Getting my car unloaded of all the books & pillows & games I've scored at Goodwill for my classroom
  2. Girlfriend movie night at the luxurious [read: They serve delectable food and cocktails right to you IN YOUR SEAT] Living Room Theater.
  3. Girlfriend bar visit at the uber-hip (I wish Blogger could do an umlaut; it makes words so much cooler) Teardrop Lounge
  4. Sunny drive to my parents' house
  5. Super fun time at the Go-Kart track with kids & Dad & cousins - Mason & I had to be rescued by the monitor dude after wiping out
  6. Cheesy Oscar Meyer hot dogs for dinner. Shhhh, don't tell Whole Foods!
  7. Starbucks run with my sister; seeing darling barista boy
  8. Not-too-rainy drive home
  9. Kind family who offered to jump start my dead battery at the ferry (story to follow)
  10. Fabulous new Skechers walking shoes, on clearance with extra discount

I realize it is rather lame to have a picture of my new shoes rather than my family or friends. But aren't they really cute? I know they will help me get some actual exercise this summer, before my heart stages a major protest that will totally disrupt my trip to Europe. And my tattoo plans.


Anonymous said...

Bathtub in. House not a total disaster.


Saucy said...

Lady, maybe I've found someone who likes lists as much as me. I'm coming back and I want to see more lists! Right on.

AngelConradie said...

oooh those are gawjiss! i have an almost identical pare of skechers!!!

katydidnot said...

i have those exact same shoes. yeah huh.

dkuroiwa said...

Oh goody!! another cute boy...maybe this one will actually talk to you!!!
So really? Skeechers are good? way too expensive here...might think about them this summer....they are mighty cute!!

Minnesota Matron said...

Love the list and am totally envious about the upcoming European traipse! When I turned 40, I had a baby. Not quite as fun.

Shadow said...

i simply loooooove those shoes!!!!!!

Your Pal Pinki said...

I swear I am not copying you. I did read your crabby post yesterday and about your aching feet, and it prompted me to share my happy shoe experience with the world. I posted a pic of my shoes too and today I followed your post to your lists blog and OMG you put a pic of shoes up earlier this week. Great minds think alike??? : )