it's not just emmitt smith's birthday

Other than it being our 15th anniversary, here are some more good things about today:
  1. Stu delivered a bunch of white Gerber daisies + Dove bar to me at school this morning (a round of AWWWWWWs, please; thank you)
  2. Leftover pepperoni & pineapple pizza for breakfast
  4. The cooling unit in my classroom is working like a dream
  5. No student complaints today. I'm totally serious. (Maybe I blocked them out?)
  6. The beloved husband of 15 years unloaded & loaded the dishwasher
  7. Payday [also known as Grocery Shopping Day...woohoo]
  8. Did I mention SUNSHINE?
  9. I saw one of these dudes on the way home from school:

And it's almost Friday. Can somebody say "Amen"?

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

And Sam's birthday too; just found out.

The sun makes everything just a little bit better.