Revised Approach to Life, 2009

Last year I tried to create a simple list of resolutions and for the record (there's a record, right? Somebody is scoring how well I do in life? That's important to me), I've done reasonably well at meeting most some a couple one of them - I have posted on my regular blog everyday. Whether or not it's been pithy and/or meaningful is debatable.
  • I think I've become more mindful of my everyday life, but I don't feel solid at it and look forward to improving.
  • No claw foot tub (Stu really tried, but they're all too strangely-shaped for our house. Plus they weigh 1,000,000 pounds) but my man did install a fabulous modern bath tub for me. I only have one candle near it, though. Will work on that.
  • And everything else I actually do sometimes but not as often as I'd prefer.

So I'm designing this year's resolutions list as a What Not To Do in the hopes that it will stick better that way; I much prefer avoiding what I shouldn't do rather than doing what I'm told.

In 2009 I will not:
  1. Lie in bed listening to the radio alarm for more than 2 minutes or get up, turn it off, and return to bed.
  2. Stay up past 10:30 on a school night no matter what. I'm serious.
  3. Forget to choose the next day's outfit each night (just for me; Stu can fend for himself).
  4. Skip breakfast, wherein "breakfast" refers to a decent grain - cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter toast + fruit and milk. [Bonus points for meat or egg product. Not sure what the bonus points are for but I'll think of something].
  5. Start making dinner without lighting a few candles around the house.
  6. Forgo a cup of tea in the morning & after school.
  7. Scorn & avoid the Wii Fit Balance Board after the kids are in bed, and on weekend mornings.
  8. Put off planning getaways (including babysitter) for me & my man once a month.
  9. Miss opportunities to make cards from my photos.
  10. Allow my classroom to smell like teen 'spirit.' (I got these for $7 at Whole Foods last night!)
  11. Let other people's poor/thoughtless choices affect my outlook on life. I'm talking to all the dumbass drivers out there - watch me smile & wave and pray for your soon-to-be-wrecked-or-ticketed souls. Too much? I doubt they're reading my blog anyway.

*Happy, happy, delightful, magical, marvelous, enjoyable, agreeable New Year to you*


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've been working on the candle one myself--it makes a difference, doesn't it?

Happy New Year!

Alison said...

Love the idea of a not-to-do list. It just SOUNDS easier!

Janet said...

Let me tell you about the most delicious breakfast I've been making!

Fiber One or WW English Muffin, toasted
1 egg
1 slice Canadian bacon
some lowfat cheddar cheese
hot sauce

put the egg in a deep-ish bowl (spray the bottom of the bowl with Pam or something first), add a bit of water and a splash of hot sauce and beat the egg with a fork
Cook in microwave for 1 minute at 3/4 power.
Put bacon on top of egg, cook in microwave 1 minute 1/2 power
put cheese on top
toast english muffin (gives cheese a chance to melt)
take egg, bacon & cheese mixture out of bowl and put on english muffin...enjoy!

Kathy said...

I LOVE you list ;) And do let us know when you have determined what the bonus points are! - Kathy (a fellow recovering perfectionist)

オテモヤン said...


shrink on the couch said...

10:30 is my designated bedtime too but damn that Stephen Colbert. It's all his fault!